Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Choosing the Right Horse Breed

What, exactly, is a breed of horse? It’s a collection of horses that have been selectively developed by breeders to carry certain traits. Since the beginning of time people have bred horses for particular jobs and tasks, and that’s why there are so many distinct breeds today. Some people needed big, heavy, and strong horses to get chores done around the barn, while others were more interested in breeding light and fast horses for racing or riding. Traits that stand the test of time that are passed down from generation to generation often become traits by which the breed is known. The breed of horse you select can be very important to whether or not you and your horse are well matched. So how do you determine which breed is right for you? Ask yourself a few questions: • What discipline am I planning on enjoying with my horse? Those who plan on enjoying barrel racing with their horse will have dramatically different needs than someone whose goal is to reach the Grand Prix level of dressage. • What is my experience level? If you are a novice rider, you will likely need a horse with a calm temperament. More advanced riders can handle hotter horses. • What is my temperament like? A good rule of thumb is that you and your horse should balance each other out, and that means you shouldn’t have the same weaknesses! If you are hotheaded, go for a horse with a calmer temperament. Now that you’ve asked yourself all the right questions, make a list of the traits that are important to you. It’s easier if you make two columns—one for conformation, and another for temperament. Once you have your list, you can start doing some research to find breeds that share these traits. Light horses. Light horses refer to just about any breed of horse used for riding, and there is a great variety when it comes to color, size, conformation, and temperament. Popular light horse breeds include the American Quarter Horse, whose athleticism, versatility, short-distance speed, and sturdiness make it ideal for ranch work, cutting and reining, and short-distance races; the Arabian, whose beauty, incredible endurance, and high spirits make it ideal for endurance trail riding, showing, and pleasure; the Dutch Warmblood, whose conformation, athleticism, and size make it perfect for jumping, dressage, and driving; the Morgan, whose excellent temperament, strength, endurance, soundness, and versatility appeal to people engaged in just about any discipline; and the Thoroughbred, whose speed, endurance, and “never-give-up” attitude make it well-suited to racing, jumping, dressage, and cross-country. Ponies. By definition, a pony is any horse standing under 14.2 hands. Despite their small stature, ponies can be excellent mounts for adults and children alike, and often excel at jumping, driving, and trail riding. Popular pony breeds include the Chincoteague Pony, whose wonderful temperaments and pretty faces make them ideal first mounts for children; the Connemara, whose stamina, strength, and jumping talent help them excel in jumping, hunting, dressage, driving, and other sporting pursuits; the Hackney Pony, whose high action, great stamina, and effervescent personalities make them just right for pleasure, harness, and roadster driving; and the Shetland Pony, whose versatility and great temperament make them ideal for carrying children or for driving. Heavy Horses. Heavy horses are those horses that are selectively bred to be tall and massive, and were originally used for farm work. Today, some heavy horses are used for riding. Popular heavy horse breeds include the Belgian, whose sturdiness of bone and high-stepping action make it ideal for pulling; the Clydesdale, whose size and fluid and powerful movement make it well-suited to draft work and being part of multi-horse hitches; and the Percheron, whose elegance make it ideal for harness and carriage driving.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

So, Your Wife Wants a Horse...

By the time a man finally decides to marry the love of his life, he thinks that he knows exactly who she is and that he will be able to get along with her for the rest of his life. The first few years of your marriage are wonderful. You have got a promotion at work and your wife has turned out to be the perfect spouse. Then one day you come home from work and your wife drops a bomb. She tells you that she wants to purchase a horse!

You do not know what to do. You think that purchasing a horse will ruin your wonderful lifestyle, but what many men do not realize is that letting your wife purchase a horse will score you some major brownie points. Most of you are thinking to yourself that there is no way that this could be true. You think that you are going to have a huge monthly expense because owning a horse is not cheap and you just know that eventually your wife will want you to purchase a horse so that both of you can go horseback riding together. If you stay calm and keep your cool, you will be able to come out ahead, your wife will be happy, and everyone knows that if the wife is happy, the husband will be happy.

If you refuse to let your wife purchase a horse, your relationship could eventually end in a divorce and that will be much more costly than paying for feed and boarding. If you let your wife purchase a horse, you will be able to benefit just as much as she does.

By letting your wife purchase a horse, you will be able to get just about anything that you want. This means if your wife tells you that you do not need a 72 inch flat panel plasma screen television all you have to tell her is that she did not need a horse and before you know it you will be watching your favorite football team play on a 72 inch flat panel plasma screen television.

This tactic can be used over and over again because a horse is not a one time expense. As long as your wife owns a horse, you will be paying for feed, veterinary costs, and various other expenses. This means that anytime your wife tells you that you cannot have something that you want all you have to do is mention how much you spend every month on her horse and she will not be able to stop you from purchasing new golf clubs or anything else that you want.

So, while purchasing a horse for your wife may seem like a huge expense all you have to do is think of owning a horse as a get out of jail free card. You will be able to pressure your wife into purchasing things that you would not be able to buy if she did not own the horse.

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Women's Love of Horses

For many women who own horses, their horse is one of only a few constant factors that they have in their lives. In a way, their horses are like their children. Women have to watch over them and take care of them on a daily basis, just like their children. This is one reason that women love their horses so much.

To a woman, a horse is just an extension of their family, why else would a woman get up at five O’ clock in the morning and go outside in the freezing cold to feed a horse and clean out their stall? There has to be a great amount of love involved for anyone to do that. Many women see their horses as not only members of their families, but also as their best friends.

Many women could easily spend hours in the barn telling their horse about all of their problems or other events that are happening in their lives. This is because horses are great listeners, much better than most men.

Men cannot help the fact that they do not listen well. All men know that their ears are not able to hear the frequency that a woman voice is produced in, however; they are very skilled at listening to a sports analyst when they are predicting the outcome of a game. This is why most men cannot remember a single thing that their wives tell them, their ears cannot determine what is being said. This is similar to listening to someone speak in a different language; you can hear sounds, but you have no idea what is being said.

This is why women will turn to their horses. A horse will stand quietly in their stall or in the pasture and will listen for hours and they do not even have to be bribed with food. Many women will even tell you that their horse understands what they are saying because if a woman is feeling down, a horse will often give her a nudge with their muzzle as a way of saying “I understand”.

Many women (and men) will also tell you that their horse is a very inexpensive form of therapy. An observant person may notice that if a woman has had a bad day and goes out to the barn for a “therapy session” with their horse that ninety percent of the time she will come back from the barn with a smile on her face and with a new outlook on life. How many therapists can you think of that can produce an effect like that during an hour long therapy session?

This is why many men love women who own horses. They know that if their wife is having a bad day, after a short trip to the barn her day will be much better. A smart husband knows that the horse listens to all of his wife’s problems, which means that he will not be disturbed while watching his favorite football team.

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Equine Website Network Eliminates Competition for Small Businesses

In the dog eat dog world of equine sales small businesses often find themselves crushed under the hooves of their larger competitors; however, a new website recently launched by equine enthusiast Ron Petracek has made great strides in leveling the playing field. provides a strong platform for individuals specializing in equines and related equipment, and its unique network ensures that no advertisement will be swept to the wayside by a competitor with more marketing dollars to burn.
Ron Petracek was raised in Southern Idaho and has been working with equines in some manner or another his whole life; however, some time ago he and his wife began to grow frustrated with the difficulties they faced buying and selling their horses.
“I have a Master’s Degree in the School of Hard Knocks,” say Petracek when asked about his experience in marketing and equine sales.
Petracek took his education and what he had gleaned by attempting to work with other sites specializing in equine sales and created Sellers can list their horses and related equipment, such as trucks, trailers, saddles and tack (both new and used) for only .99 cents per ad.
After listing the ad will be duplicated across all twelve sites in the Equineinternet network, a network that includes such sites as ClickEquine, ClubEquine and EquineJunction. Sellers are not expected to compete for exposure on the basis of the size of their bank accounts; no one is lost in the pasture of technology, as is so common with many of the free listing services currently available.
When they choose to advertise with sellers will be given access to a vast directory of equine services at no extra cost and instant self-serve business banner advertising for as little as ten dollars a month. also, for a limited time, is providing owners and breeders with the opportunity to list their stallions for .99 cents for a full year, with quality leads guaranteed.
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